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What We Offer

What We Offer

Products and Services

  • New Mover Lists for both residential and business records:  Whether you need a list for direct mail or for telemarketing, New Neighbor Marketing offers you the best new movers lists in the industry at low minimums affordable to businesses of every size. Our clients are never locked into one type of list, as we can choose from the entire field of new movers lists to find the one that best suits their needs.

  • Customized Database Management Services: We can custom format your database to suit your specific needs, cleaning, merging/purging, and reconfiguring it to achieve maximum accuracy and effectiveness.

  • Free Formatting: For no charge at all, we'll format and configure your list file in the program of your choice, so that the end-user can access the data with just a click or two of the mouse. We also offer live, step-by-help in accessing your data with maximum ease.

  • Customer Care: We're always ready to fine-tune and "tweak" your list with new filters or selections, or to deliver your order in the format you require, in order to provide you the precise list you're after in the way that you can use it best. We can also advise you on compliance issues related to the National Do-Not-Call List of the Federal Trade Commission.

  • Data Appending: We can append telephone numbers, contact names, and other data to records that lack them.

  • Cell Phone Identification: We can identify all the cell phones in any telephone number database, including Do-Not-Call lists.

  • Do-Not-Call identification: We can identify all Do-Not-Call records in any telephone number database.

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