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Do Not Call Compliance

National Do-Not-Call List Compliance

New Neighbor Marketing can help you navigate the compliance issues related to the National Do-Not-Call (DNC) List of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

NOTE: Only telemarketing lists are affected by DNC legislation, not lists used for direct mail.

When you order from us, we will – free of charge – scrub our Hotline List of New Telephone Listings in either of two ways: A) remove all DNC records (for strictly telemarketing campaigns), or B) remove only the telephone numbers from the DNC records (so they can be sent a direct mail piece while the rest can be telephoned). Option C leaves the scrubbing, if needed, to you, and Option D flags the DNC records without deleting any data.

Call us for details at 1-866-771-7346.

Since October 2003, all end users of telemarketing lists are required to register at the FTC's Website and abide by related laws. The first five area codes in your calling area are free. To register, follow the directions below precisely.

Step-by-step process to register at the DNC Registry and get your Subscription Account Number (SAN) from the FTC:

Step 1. Click here to start.

Step 2. Once you're on the CREATE A PROFILE page, fill out the form with your Employer ID Number and other information. Under Organization Function, you MUST register as a Seller. All end-users of telemarketing lists, those who place the actual telephone calls, are Sellers. If you don't register as a Seller, we can NOT scrub your list. Click Submit.

Step 3. Move down the page and fill out each box under AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE with the info for the authorized representative of YOUR organization, not New Neighbor Marketing.

Step 4. The FTC then issues you, on screen, an Organization ID Number, a Representative Password, and a Download Password. Do not mistake the Organization ID for the Subscription Account Number, which is still several steps away.

Step 5. Log in by clicking on the Manage/Renew Subscriptions button on the left and enter your Organization ID and Representative Password, which is case sensitive (type it in exactly as it was issued). Also, click the radial button next to the word "Representative" underneath the Password. Click on the Log In button.

Step 6. Once logged in, click on Order Area Codes for your Current Subscription. You'll probably want to click the radial button saying Area Codes by Area Code Number -- Fee: $56 Per Area Code over 5. Click Submit, which brings you a list of every single area code in the country. Click the box to the left of each area code you wish. (You get the first five for free, the sixth and beyond for $56 each.) Click Continue at the bottom of the page.

Step 7. You'll be asked to confirm the area codes you've selected. If the list of area codes is correct, click Submit.

Step 8. Your Subscription Account Number (which ends in "-13" for the current year) will be immediately shown on the screen. Print out the page right away, as the FTC recommends, and be sure to renew the SAN by the expiration date.

NOTE: If you are issued an SAN after registering incorrectly (not as a Seller but as one of the other three Organization Functions) to change your profile Click Here. Fill in your Organization ID and Representative Password, click the Representative button, and log in. Click on the Contact Help Desk button and fill out the box at the bottom asking that the FTC redesignate your profile as a Seller. You will then receive an automated e-mail message saying your request was received and, a few hours later, notification by e-mail that your request has been processed. At this point your SAN, which stays the same, will be activated for use to scrub your list.

If you need further assistance, call us at 1-800-515-3841. We're happy to help.

Click here for the FTC's Q&A on the DNC List
Click here for information on the individual states' DNC lists.
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